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Best Wool in Best in the Netherlands has been designing, manufacturing and distributing beautiful woollen carpets and rugs since 1982. Genuine and honest natural products for people who appreciate quality. Wool is a very high-quality product, accessible and suitable for any interior.

We also create, develop and realise on a project basis. We aspire to be the best, however we definitely come from the town of Best. Think of villas, yachts, cruise ships, shops and hotels. When it comes to carpets and rugs, we think along with you. This is not an empty promise. You give direction in this and together we achieve the objectives. Together we realise a unique signature. 

Best Wool Academy Wool Quality
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Interior is subject to fashion. Tastes change, new opportunities arise and designers continuously create new products. Our designers take into account the fact that carpets and rugs last for years. Therefore, we aim for a degree of timelessness, yet at the same time our designs and colours are always contemporary. We make woollen carpets and rugs accessible to people who consider them important and are willing to pay for quality.

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