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Dear friends, partners and associates,


As a family business, Best Wool Carpets carefully follows the unprecedented situation in the world since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Our first and most important task is to protect our staff, their families and the community close around us.

We have taken all advised measures and will adjust these when necessary.


We can inform you that we remain fully dedicated to our tasks and operational in a scaled down version.

To continue the service you expect from us we have made necessary adjustments in our daily work.


  • Every day we have one person at our customer services desk available and the others will work from home.

  • Our sales, marketing and quality teams work from home and are available at any time of the day.

  • Our factory team works in small groups, on different machines and in different shifts to maintain production going and protect the health of every individual

  • All deliveries are unloaded and drivers are only allowed inside in a clear designated area (including toilet and shower) without getting in contact with our staff.


At this stage we receive the raw materials as scheduled and continue our work in the factory to produce carpet.

From our side we will do all possible to maintain the provided delivery dates.

However, due to different national distribution limitations we are aware that delays may occur.


We wish you and all of your staff and family a safe journey through this pandemic.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Kindest regards on behalf of all of us in Best,

Yvar Monasch

Managing Director

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