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There are lots of stories about getting carpets dirty and cleaning them. They often rest on old-fashioned or incorrect ideas that have been prompted by advertisers around the world. We think it is important to properly explain once more the benefit of preventative maintenance and the importance of periodic cleaning of your valuable carpet. 


Because you walk on your carpet it is unavoidable that it will end up with dust, sand and other dirt on it. And, whatever misleading adverts may say, the carpet will not clean itself. Therefore, proper and regular maintenance is important. This begins with regular vacuuming, preferably using an electric brush vacuum cleaner. In such cleaners, the brush has its own drive, so that its rotation does not come at the expense of adequate suction*. The rotating brushes loosen the dirt and brush the wool pile up so that the wool carpet always looks beautiful. Loose fibres are removed, which would otherwise become matted with the pile of the carpet, giving the carpet a dull appearance. Depending upon how heavily your carpet is used, it is a good idea to vacuum at least once, but preferably twice a week.  If using a robot cleaner activate brush free mode.